Design Challenge

As a Revenue Officer for a non-profit I would like to utilize data analytics and persona matching to help me identify potential donors. I will need a few different persona types designed for specific types of campaigns.

Persona matching is the current state of the art for non-profit fundraising. It's currently done by consultants in a very laborious process that takes weeks and we didn't see any reason why it couldn't be done with data science. We had the data analytics portion of this design already in the bag now we just needed to add the persona matching algorithms for multiple types of persona's.


Persona's have four primary elements with many sub-elements to each that are individually scored. The primary elements are common to all of the persona's but weighted differently during analysis. They are:

  • Affinity
  • Wealth
  • Philanthropy
  • Demographics

I elected to display each of the four primary elements and their respective weighting as part of the persona matching results.

My role: Product Design Lead

Brainstorming to wire-framing to user testing to final design and iconography.

Style guide author.



Adobe Illustrator

Cad Tools

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop



Persona Matching and Scoring - showing persona matching scores and the four primary matching elements.

Persona Analysis Setup - showing persona modules available and thepreviously ran persona matches.

By surfacing the four primary elements of the persona match at a high level of visibility I was able to quickly tell the potential donors story and their relevance to the revenue officer. For example Trevor here has a very high affinity to my non-profit meaning he may be a board member or volunteer. He also is reasonably wealthy and likes to support charitable causes and he falls into the demographic of the individuals who have donated to my non-profit in the past.

Additional Screens

Persona Analysis - showing the persona match analysis and results.

Proposed Dashboard Design - preliminary design for a supporting dashboard.