Design Challenge

As a campaign finance chair I would like the ability to have the candidate perform "Call Time" (dialing for dollars) on their mobile device.

Call Time has historically been compiled on a desktop and then call sheets with past donations listed as well as personal information about the potential donor were printed out. The candidate used the call sheets, that were put into a calling order and called from a land line. The results of each call was then handwritten on each call sheet and later added to the data base. Whew!


My challenge was to modernize the process. Revup already contained the ability to research a potential donors history all I needed to do was add these features:


  • Call Sheets
  • A dedicated area for call sheet compilation
  • A dedicated area for call list compilation
  • An accompanying mobile app
  • The ability to send the call sheets and lists to a designated phone
  • An area to show the results of each call


Over a three year period the combination of the two Revup applications took home 10 "Best Of" industry awards.

My role: Product Design Lead

Brainstorming to wire-framing to user testing to final design and iconography.

Style guide author.




Adobe Illustrator

Cad Tools


Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Dedicated Call Time area - A desktop environment to compile Call Sheets into lists and assign them to a mobile phone.

Digital Call Sheet - Much of the data is auto populated.

The Call Sheet is accessible from almost every screen in the desktop application. It is auto populated with donation data that Revup has in it's database. There are three user input fields for adding personalization. The call sheet may be printed or sent to Call Time to be added to a Call List and sent to a mobile phone.

Mobile application - First to put Call Time in a mobile environment.

The mobile application was a derivative of the main application which contained a subset of the primary feature set, all appropriate to working in a mobile environment. With one major difference the Call Time feature was designed specifically for the phone and was an extension of the main application.