Design Challenge

As a sales department manager I would like to entertain and train my sales staff about new sales strategies.

I worked closely with the curriculum designer and product manager on this design for an internal sales training application. The game revolved around a say theme.

I chose to use silhouettes on a stark background with high contrast to get a hi-tech grunge feel avoiding any Microsoft colors and icons so as to feel unique to the company. There are six mini games contained within the product which breaks  with the design theory of always do things in odd numbers, so tried to place the buttons so they felt slightly off balance.

My role: Product Design Lead

Brainstorming to wire-framing to user testing to final design and iconography.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Game Intro Screen - In house sales training game choice screen.

Mini Game Intro Screen

Each mini game had their own color palette, while retaining the overall look and feel of the main application. Clear messaging and button placement was important to retaining focus from the user.

Video Player Screen

Results Screen